Python server refactor

Refactoring: Python server script episode 3 – modules

Summary Introduced modules Started cleaning up various global variables Removed “magic numbers” and replaced with named variables Links: Modules tutorial for Python 2 Modules tutorial for Python 3 David Beazley’s PyCon 2015 talk on modules  

Refactoring: Python server script episode 2 – environment setup

Summary Here’s a quick summary of what happened in the video: Set up a virtual environment for packages Updated PIP pip install –upgrade pip Installed packages then stored those packages in requirements.txt Ran into hard-coded platform specific paths that stopped script from running Dealt with exceptions that caught everything Try with no except: In this

Refactoring: Python server script episode 1 – intro

Summary The first video in the Python Server refactor series where we discuss the project and get started with the preliminary tasks. Heres what we did: Looked at architecture and other project information Got project into version control, set up Git repository Dealt with line endings issue Deal with trailing whitespace issue (see links) Initial