We want to help you position yourselves to accomplish not only the current project, but to help invigorate your tech operations into the future. Jagged\Verge has unique insight to team deployment, individual role boundaries, cost-task-cycles, department structures, lines of communication and chains of command. From mentoring developers in new methods or jump starting thinking out-of-the-box to employing standards and procedures across your tech department and operations to better optimize the bottom-line of your IT staff, we provide professional opinions tailored to your situation and following accepted standards – with some innovation thrown in.

We are in a position to bridge the gap between software and other engineering disciplines. Having had experience with projects in mathematics and engineering we know how to effectively bridge the gap between professionals who are working on the same projects but are speaking slightly different languages.

We can also do more traditional technical project based consulting. If your project needs some outside expertise¬† don’t hesitate to contact us, we may be able to help and if not we will most likely be able to refer you to skilled professionals who can.