We love making contributions to open source projects. If your project could be helped by the expertise and involvement of the JaggedVerge community get in contact with us!

JaggedVerge’s open source libraries:

Whenever we get the chance to open source a library we jump on it! Here’s some libraries we have worked on:

MMAP backed arrays – Python3

View the source code on GitHub. View the package on PyPi.

We made a library to supply MMAP backed arrays for Python. This gives you the ability to conveniently work with MMAP files from Python via the same interface as the standard library arrays. Essentially this library gives you options for shared memory which can be very useful with Python concurrency. You can also use this for interprocess communications with both Python and non-Python processes.

Programmable quizzes – Python3

View the source code on GitHub

We made a library to help people program quiz materials. This lets you automate a lot of the boring parts in creating assessments that have to have different versions.