Welcome to convenience! Sapling is a golf ball dispensing control that will integrate into the existing range of ball hoppers on the market.

Sapling allows the course to sell media such as RFID fobs or swipe cards to patrons that they can “refill” periodically at the cash and then use at the machines. No wallet needed on the green! The system will additionally allow for single use PINs/Media, club key promotions such as a daily on-the-club-house allowance and other member “perks”.

The Sapling system is network connected and ready to be connected wirelessly via 802.1 or GSM, whatever connectivity you add! The system will work alongside your existing POS and we will work with your provider to integrate, if you and they are interested. If not, the included desktop software will keep track of balances, purchases and at-the-hopper pricing.

The only drawback?! Sapling is a concept project at the moment. We are currently working on an Arrow-sponsored crowd funding campaign to realize it’s production. You could mozy on over to Indie-Go-Go and give us your support, should you wish. (link pending)