A couple of years ago I was asked by a junior developer if I had any suggestions for techniques they could learn about to improve their productivity. It was a great question, one which I’m really glad I was asked as it showed interest and also got me seriously thinking about how you can improve the productivity of a development team. One of the striking things is how despite it being a very broad topic the best things to learn will be highly dependent on the skills of the individual in question and the projects that they are working on. In many ways in the IT industry the best approaches to improving productivity are related to the best approaches to learning, more so than in any other industry I can think of, as knowledge is often the biggest barrier to better productivity. In such a fast changing industry learning new skills effectively is a huge asset, being able to efficiently learn improves productivity enormously. Often the trickiest question is figuring out what techniques to learn next. Hopefully after reading this you have an idea of how go about answering that question. Continue reading