This is a quaint term that was coined by Cao during a caffeine and sleep deprivation fueled discussion about bringing in the sci-fi future we were all promised. He has since admitted some things, like a single tablet for many purposes is better than the original idea and not all of it is possible, but the premise still stands.

A Thinkubator is a place where not only ideas are made, but dreams happen. Every dream, no matter how impossible, is composed of a lot of separate ideas. Every idea can be used in infinite ways. Sound confusing? It’s not. An idea – such as Combustion Engines and Jet Propulsion – can be applied to a flying car or a space station. A dream – colonizing a planet or creating Star Wars-esque holograms – can be broken down into all the separate ideas that comprise it. Whether the dream can be accomplished, the ideas can be taken way and used with other ideas to create wonderful new realities. Instead of just coming up with a dream, a Thinkubator dreams many dreams, creates many ideas and sees how each small idea has more possibilities attached. It’s like an assembly line for interconnected visions, seeing how the different facets of tiny components can lead to more progress.

But there’s more…

In the tech industry having good technical leadership is often a key difference between ventures succeeding and failing. Many people have great ideas and innovations but unfortunately not everyone has access to the top notch technical leadership that can be the catalyst for making technical ideas turn into real products. From spending many years in the tech industry we can offer technical guidance to help you succeed with your projects.

Our overriding interest is in helping to make the future we were promised happen. We would like to support people who have good technical innovation get their projects to completion. If you are looking for the advice that a solid technical co-founder can provide we can help.

If you are doing open source work or other ventures that will help everyone get the better future we all deserve then please feel free to get in contact with us to discuss how our knowledge can help you help the world. We are more than happy to offer pro-bono technical leadership help to worthy causes. We want you to succeed.